Bobsweep Pro Gold Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Review

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Bobsweep Pro  is a uniquely designed robotic vacuum with some extra features not found in other vacuum bots. The robot has two side brushes to snatch up all that dust, dirt and debris as in goes about its cleaning route. This piece of high-tech robot is smart enough to know when its battery is getting too low and will automatically return to its charging dock. Bobsweep Pro even has a schedule feature with which you can program the robot when and how often it will go about its cleaning job. This affordable vacuum robot is designed to fit into small spaces such as under couches and bed, so that you get a full cleaning experience. But the best part is: It’s so quiet! It’s not like other vacuums that are incredibly loud and often scare young children and pets. You can set it to run at any given time and not have to worry about audible disruptions whatsoever!

Content Table:

Design Features  |  Gallery  |   Our Score  |  Where to Buy


Bobsweep pro gold robotic vacuum cleaner is lightweight robot vacuum comes with a small remote with easy programming controls to set up and schedule cleaning.

The battery is super efficient. It’s able to run for 100 minutes before needing another charge. 

Bobsweep Pro puts all other vacuum robots to shame with its near perfect silence operation. It’s so quiet that users find it perfectly ok to run it during the time they are at home. 

This vacuum bot can switch surfaces easily and yet provide great cleaning experiences. It might back away when it detects thicker rugs. We recommend using it for flat surfaces.

The dustbin container has a holding capacity of 500 mL which is quite large given the compact size of the robot vacuum. The dumping and cleaning process is simple and easy. The Bobsweep pro also addresses the issue of residue and filth lining the walls of the bin by allowing users to simply clean and rinse the bin with water after dumping. This unique feature lets the Bobsweep Pro Robotic Vacuum continue to provide the best cleaning possible, and customers are absolutely loving it! 

We highly recommend this little workhorse – it’s like having a personal helper for your floors!

Content Table:

Design Features  |  Gallery  |   Our Score  |  Where to Buy

Content Table:

Design Features  |  Gallery  |   Our Score  |  Where to Buy


Content Table:

Design Features  |  Gallery  |   Our Score  |  Where to Buy

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Value For Money

This affordable robot vacuum requires minimal attention, you have more time for yourself to get other important things done. This robot is effective against hardwood, tile, carpets which makes it one of the best smart vacuum robot available for purchase. Not to mention that it is incredibly quiet than other robot cleaners!



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Content Table:

Design Features  |  Gallery  |   Our Score  |  Where to Buy

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