ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

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Technology is a beautiful thing, isn’ it? It has given us the ability to press a button, walk away and our floors and carpet are clean within the hour. Talk about hired help. I remember the first time I saw a robot vacuum cleaner work its magic.

My buddy bought one to clean his house and named it Jeff, out of all names. Not only was it was able to pick up various dirt and dust that was on his hardwood, but it efficiently picked up his pet’s hair that was logged in the carpets, I was amazed. The day after, I was online doing research only to pick one up myself.

I went through hundreds of reviews and reached out to multiple experts trying to get the best take on which robot vacuum would be the most effective and the most cost efficient. Since I have owned a few of them and to-date the ILIFE V3s Pro Robotic Vacuum has been the best bang for the buck. 

I was skeptical at first considering it’s large task trying to get cat hair out of almost anything especially carpets, but the ILIFE V3s’s low profile and slim design tackled it like a pro. It’s safe to say that this investment was well worth it.

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For Hard Floors and Carpets
The new Chuwi V3 cleans carpets, laminate, stone floor, parquet, tiles and the like. Due to its 2.600 mAh strong Lithium-Ion battery, the robot hoover is suitable for 100 m2.

Long Side Brushes for Clean Edges
The side brushes of iLife V3s Pro are extremely long. Thus, dirt and dust is also removed from sidebars and along walls.

Fits Under Sofas and Beds
Height of the iLife robot vacuum hoover is only about 7.6 cm. Effortlessly, it fits under low furniture and cleans under sofas and beds.

Overcomes Doorsteps (2,5 cm)
iLife V3s Pro robot vacuum cleaner is a real climber. It overcomes doorsteps and carpets with a height of 2,5 cm without any problems. That is possible due to extra large wheels with a diameter of 6,5 cm. The wheels from V3s had only a diameter of 5,8 cm.

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ILIFE V3s Pro is a value packed vacuum cleaner which make cleaning so easy and effortless.



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ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review


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