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What is Kabasura Kudineer Churnam ?

It is a compound formulation consisting of fifteen herbal ingredients. It is commonly used for the treatment of fever with or without respiratory infection. It was prescribed in large during the epidemic of Swine flu as a prophylactic and media reports gave a renaissance to this official Siddha formulation. Siddha medicinal preparations have been classified as 32 internal and 32 external medicinal forms and choornam is one among the internal medicinal form. The current drug is further classified as kudineer choornam which means a drug to be made into decoction and consumed.

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Kudineer is the name given to the Siddha formulation in which the whole plant (plants) or the particular part of plant (plants) are grinded into coarse powder. 

The obtained preparation is called ‘choornam’. It is then made into kudineer by adding water and heated till water reduces to 1/4th or 1/8th of its volume. 

It is then filtered and filtrate is used. Dose of the kudineer is generally 30 ml before food, three to four times a day. Lifetime of prepared kudineer is 1 Samam (3 hours). 

The method of preparation of kudineer is simple and the phytoconstituents do not undergo any major change while processing and preparation, unlike other traditional formulations.

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Kabasura Kudineer Benefits

As mentioned above, the herbal decoction has various medicinal properties, which include antioxidant, antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, analgesic, etc. 

It is also a digestive stimulant and acts as immunomodulator, which boosts immunity and helps to protect from infections and their complications.

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