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Review of Olly Vitamins Reddit users Honest Opinion

In this article, I have compiled all the positive and negative Olly vitamins Reddit reviews. All reviews are by the real consumers of Olly Vitamins and supplements. 

This will help you get an idea of how effective are Oly Vitamins in reality. Links for all the products are given along with the product specification and uses.


OLLY Beat The Bloat Capsules Review:

Key Features: Belly Bloat Relief for Gas and Water Retention, Digestive Enzymes, Vegetarian, Supplement for Women


  • Beat the Bloat works hard to help reduce belly bloat caused by digestion woes, gas and water retention
  • eat the Bloat delivers a powerful blend of digestive enzyme supplements and botanical extracts from Dandelion, Fennel and Ginger to help with occasional belly bloat relief for women

OLLY Beat The Bloat Capsules Supplement Facts:

Serving Size: 1 Capsule; Servings Per Container: 25 

Amount Per Serving: % DV(Daily Value)

Digestive Enzyme Blend: Amylase (1,500 DU), Cellulase (1,250 CU), Hemicllulase (1,250 HCU), Lactase (750 ALU), Alpha Galactosidase (600 Gall), Lipase (500 FIP): 75 mg 

Dandelion Extract (leaf): 100 mg 

Fennel Extract (seed): 100 mg 

Ginger Extract (root): 50 mg


“These little capsules certainly have helped me beat the bloat. After eating the smallest morsel, my stomach would bloat so much that I looked as though I was about to give birth and I was so uncomfortable, I have tried all sorts of remedies and I have to say that Olly Beat the Bloat has been the best resolution for me by far. I feel so much better these days. If I could change one thing it would be the packaging, the little lid seems devilish to open and I am resolving to transfer the capsules to an easier receptacle.”

Elizabeth Troxler:

“This is great for water retention relief. Gentle. I take it in the morning because if I take it late afternoon or evening, I am up and down all night. But it is gentle enough that I do not get muscle cramping from the overkill of a product like prescription ones can do.”

OLLY Cleansing Cranberry Capsules Review:

Key Features: Supports Urinary Tract Health, Vegan Capsules, Supplement for Women


  • Cranberry extract has been shown to support the lining of the urinary tract, urinary microbiome and bladder. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps protect the cells and tissues of the urinary tract.
  • Cleansing Cranberry delivers a clinically-studied dose of Cranberry (one serving = one glass of cranberry juice) to support a healthy urinary tract and bladder.

OLLY Cleansing Cranberry Capsules Supplement Facts:

Serving Size: 2 Capsule; Servings Per Container: 20 

Amount Per Serving: % DV(Daily Value)

Calories: 5

Total Carbohydrate: 1g 

Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid): 90mg

Cranberry Extract (Vaccinium Macrocarpon, fruit) 500mg

An Amazon Customer:

“I got these for my husband. He drinks cranberry juice to keep his bladder health in tip-top shape but there is so much sugar in it that it’s concerning. Being able to take these instead eliminates the sugar aspect.”

Becky Brooks:

“Besides that it’s easier to carry these with you rather than lugging bottles of cranberry juice. The biggest thing is making sure you drink enough water with these, because the fluids are important too. 
We really like these and would buy them again
Thanks for reading my review”

Jill Franclemont:

“We drink a lot of Cranberry juice and hope for the best because my family has a history of urinary tract infections. Cranberry juice or pills have been shown to help prevent infections by preventing E.coli germs from sticking to the urinary tract and bladder.

I’ve been a long-time user of OLLY vitamins and was pleased to see this Cleaning Cranberry Capsules product as a preventative measure (this is not meant to clear you up if you have an infection).

Each capsule is equivalent to drinking one glass of Cranberry juice while also providing vitamin C. 2 capsules is the recommended dosage. Because each bottle contains 40 supplements, you will receive just under three weeks’ worth (I wish this was a 60 capsule / two-month supply rather than the current 20-day supply).

This product’s bottle is the perfect size for me. Unlike some of the OLLY gummy supplements, it’s tiny enough to throw in your bag if you’re going on a trip.

The capsules have a pleasant taste and are easy to swallow (drink water if possible, although I haven’t had any get caught in my throat when taking them dry). My body is acclimated to cranberry juice because I drink it on a regular basis… If you don’t, you can experience stomach pains or diarrhoea until your body adjusts.

There were no UTIs or gastrointestinal upsets after finishing the bottle. I enjoy that instead of drinking so much juice, I can take them with water. With no additional sugar, it’s much healthier for me.

Overall, I’m pleased with these tablets and plan to purchase them again. My only complaint is the pricing, which is a little high given that it isn’t a full month’s supply.”

OLLY Miss Mellow Capsules Review:

Key Features: Hormone Balance and Mood Support, Vegan Capsules, Supplement for Women


  • A potent botanical extract blend designed to assist women’s natural hormone cycles throughout the month. These female hormone balance pills help to alleviate irritation and mood swings brought on by natural hormonal variations.
  • The Chasteberry is a valued fruit that might aid with irritation and mood swings. Dong Quai supports good hormone balance by containing isoflavones, a natural plant component that helps keep hormones in check during PMS.

“This vitamin really helps and is easy to swallow. Would definitely recommend”

“Honestly there’s a noticeable difference in my mood when I take these, it takes a few days to kick in though. After about 5 days I notice I’m in a more chill mood, and when taking them on a consistent basis my mood is definitely lifted and more balanced. Even my husband notices a difference. Love them.”

OLLY Lovin' Libido Capsules Review:

Key Features: Boost Desire and Enhance Arousal, Ashwagandha, Vegetarian Supplement


  • Libido is formulated with ancient botanicals to assist women* increase desire, arousal, and sexual satisfaction.
  • Ashwagandha has been clinically proven to support arousal and stimulation. Maca has traditionally been used to stimulate desire in women, and Damiana is a strong tiny plant that has long been celebrated for its aphrodisiac characteristics.

An Amazon Customer:

“This was a definite yes for me on arousal and lubrication. I didn’t want to go to artificial products for lubrication, this did the job!”

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